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Wealth Strategist, Demetris Curry, founder of Inspired For Greatness (IFG), LLC – a private own business –  believes in giving all she got into each of her clients. While working with each one of them, she found a few things in common. Many of them failed to take a holistic view of their finances. The team at inMMGroup created a solution for IFG that educated others who were not successful in meeting their financial goals and pivoted her business and personal brand.

  • Marketing

  • Branding

  • Business Consulting

  • Research & Development (R&D)

  • Public Relations (PR)

  • Web Development

  • Video/Podcast Production

  • Graphic Design

  • Digital Media

  • Brand Activation


Pre-COVID in 2019, the inMMGroup team consulted with Inspired for Greatness (IFG), LLC to identify all the challenges they were encountering assisting their clients to build wealth, prepare for retirement, life insurance and etc. Following the consultation, the inMMGroup team went into R&D phase and discovered some alarming statistics. Just 14% of Americans are ‘Very Happy’. People are also feeling lonely — 50 percent of Americans said they at least sometimes felt isolated, while only 23 percent of people said the same in 2018, according to the NORC at the University of Chicago survey. 

Following the R&D phase, the inMMGroup team pitched an in-person nationwide wealth building tour presented in a holistic way to IFG. The tour title was, “Wealth With A Vision”. Following the acceptance of the wealth building tour by IFG, inMMGroup was responsible for development of the tour topics ranging from: mindset, physical health, self-help and money; identifying and securing speakers; identifying and securing sponsors; identifying host cities for each leg of the tour; Public Relations; Video Production; and Promotions.

After completing 2 cities, then the country was shut down due to the COVID pandemic.

The inMMGroup team immediately shifted…because the show had to go on and it was evident that people were going to feel even more unhappy and feel even more lonelier.

inMMGroup presented a virtual form production of the in-person event to IFG, and immediately the creative intelligence team went to work. Using the knowledge that was gained from the R&D and the information from the two in-person workshops that happened pre-COVID; inMMGroup’s team recommended a name change. The true product that IFG was delivering to each attendee was a ‘formula to a more successful and fulfilling life’. As a result, W2AV Talk™ (pronounced W Squared A V) came to life.

To introduce W2AV Talk™ into the marketplace, inMMGroup worked with a intellectual property (IP) law firm to secure the trademark; scripted and produced the intro and closing of the video podcast; created the official logo; animated the official logo; prepared press releases and secured 100’s of online impressions on digital media platforms … all resulting in a successful launch and digital marketing of W2AV Talk™.

Business Consulting
Research & Development (R&D)
Public Relations (PR)
Web Development
Video/Podcast Production
Graphic Design
Digital Media
Brand Activation


W2AV Talk™ rolled out with massive excitement and success. The title sponsor has gone all in the modalities, resulting in and even larger participation with the W2AV Talk™ platform. IFG has exceeded all benchmarks, increased life insurance application approvals to 98%, attracted and hired new agents, attracted new financial partners, expanded the financial product line and exceeded growth goals.

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