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As a full-service marketing agency, inMMGroup is uniquely qualified to engage in long-term campaigns that tell their stories across a variety of channels.

Unique Execution Ability. A great idea will bring a client in the door, but long-term success will never happen if you fail to execute those ideas.

We have worked within over 50 different industries. This has expanded our knowledge base and widens our creativity to test non-traditional strategies in industries resulting in extreme success or profitability

Leadership team has over 80 years of combined experience

All departments are under one roof, campaigns retain their consistency and strength of brand at a lower cost and faster schedule for our clients.

Capability Statement

Meet The Team

Christopher Thomas

Ly Averette

TJ Jackson

Tamara Rogers
Operations Manager

Don Mahmood
Lead Consultant

Kelly Brown
Lead Consultant

Nekesha Burrell
Digital Content Manager

Chantasia Howard
Marketing Assistant

Najmul Hasan
Sr. Web Developer

Ebony Horton
Lead Communications Consultant

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