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To sustain high quality solutions in an ever-changing digital landscape, our experts are consistently pivoting to craft unique, effective, maximum performing and profitable ROI marketing strategies. One innovative marketing system we often utilize is inCity Magazine, a digital-media platform owned and operated by inMMGroup that validates and strengthens the brands of our clients by informing key influencers and stakeholders about our client’s brand.

inMMGroup Fun Fact:

We NEVER Skip Steps & Guarantee At Least 7% Conversion Rates!

inMMGroup’s Main Objectives are:

  • Partnering with our clients in trustworthy and mutually beneficial relationships 
  • Accelerating growth for our clients through a comprehensive understanding of their organization and goals 
  • Delivering impactful approaches to ameliorate and scale our clients’ current marketing strategies

inMMGroup also harnesses the power of analytics, data and reports. We ensure our clients have a thorough understanding of this research to equip them with the information needed to make key decisions fast, providing increased value and profitable growth.

inMMGroup: The Reliable Difference

inMMGroup provides both substantial solutions and innovative value creations for our clients. Because each of our clients’ brands and operations are unique, we “go-all-in” with marketing strategies exclusively tailored to each client for a unique experience and outcome.

Our secret?

We are passionate about our clients and their ultimate goals. By considering our client’s brand as our own, we are proactive with our approach and facilitate open communication to exceed our clients’ expectations. With each client, we utilize a creative and impactful model pioneered by our in-house marketing experts known as the “Go-All-in5 Breakthrough Method.” 

Our experience as marketing intelligence experts spans more than 50 different industries. This multi-industry exposure provides our marketing intelligence experts with the insight, knowledge, agility and ability to see opportunities in ways unbeknownst to single-industry marketing service providers. This empowers us to effectively identify, address, and solve issues in your organization’s current business strategies and increase performance and profitability for you. 

The experience we’ve gained from flourishing in various industries has also resulted in our creation of the Cross Marketing Pollination System for our clients. This system breathes fresh life into stale or worn out marketing strategies – solving problems, creating growth and increasing profit.

Establishing a competitive advantage through marketing strategy is one of the most important goals for any organization. In today’s business landscape, this advantage is essential to the success and sustainability of your enterprise.

inMMGroup’s diverse and extensive industry and functional insight enables us to increase your company’s competitive advantage by creatively recalibrating the range of perspectives that question the status quo. Our experiences also provide us with a “WE ARE IN IT TO WIN IT!” edge to be highly creative in sparking a change in mindset. This results in unique marketing solutions that will set your organization apart, outperforming your competition with skyrocketing outcomes.

As our information video says, “Let’s get you playing with a winning hand! It’s time for you to Go-All-In with inMMGroup.”

Meet The Team

Christopher Thomas


Ly Averette

TJ Jackson

Angela Flowers
General Manager

Adrienne Nettles
Managing Editor

Mikala McCurry
Public Relations Specialist

Don Mahmood
Lead Consultant

Kelly Brown
Lead Consultant

Najmul Hasan
Sr. Web Developer

Nekesha Burrell
Digital Content Manager

Chantasia Howard
Marketing Assistant

Ebony Horton
Lead Communications Consultant

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