“If you don’t tell your story, someone else will and you may not like the way that they tell it.” – Unknown

Trade shows, advertising and even direct marketing are good. However, if you know what you are doing; the best bang for the marketing buck is Public Relations (PR) and inMMGroup has the secret PR sauce!

Here are 10 techniques that we have found extremely effective:

    1. Humanize the story. Storytelling is relevant today – you need content rich in flavor and texture to get through all the screaming on the Internet.
    2. Let necessity be the invention. Be courageous, take risks and deviate from the norm. It’s tough for a second-tier player to get first tier visibility; traditional strategies and tactics just are not going to cut it.
    3. Pitch David vs Goliath. Who doesn’t love a David vs. Goliath story?
    4. Internal leadership. This is a requirement to sell up and fight for resources.
    5. Set aggressive goals. Set aggressive goals and metrics then meet them. 
    6. Commit executive resources. Great PR requires executive commitment to drive internal strategy and planning, press tours, and media relationships; be a resource when the press calls.
    7. Keep it real. Don’t expect the media to just rollover and write big stories about the product, service or organization. Maintain a strong dose of objective reality.
    8. Lead with the BIG News. Cultivate relationships with the big news such as the WSJ, the phone is going to ring.
    9. Let customers and analysts tell the story. Line up analysts and customers to bring credibility.
    10. One-on-one interviews. Big time payoff!

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