“Sales is not about selling anymore, but about building trust and educating.” – Siva Devaki

There are four key consultative selling behaviors: asking questions, revealing problems, providing solutions, and telling stories. We provide best practices in each area and introduce a tool that will enable your team to capture best-practice solutions that align with key prospect problems, driving subject-matter expertise.

Winning is about taking the information and making small changes to get to your goal.

Little things every day add up to big gains; have small goals and hold the needle once you get close to reaching them.

If you are showing up to a sales appointment late and unprepared, you can almost guarantee to waste your time and the time of your prospect. Being unorganized communicates incompetence and decreases credibility. Preparedness increases sales yet is different from perfect.

From targets to partners, each category of constituents that your sales team engages with require different kinds of interaction and information. However, planning activities for each individual firm is unrealistic. 

Understanding who to target is an essential first step in driving activity yet many sales organizations struggle to identify their ideal buyers and even more salespeople find it difficult to know where they should focus their efforts. 

Both in-person and virtual networking can be excellent lead sources, but many salespeople spend time and money at networking events that don’t generate quality leads. 

Effective negotiation involves identifying a win-win solution and helping your prospect discover its value. 

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