“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

How does a $1.5 million dollar company become a $5 million company in a few years? Why do some companies excel at innovation and demonstrate exceptional generational growth while others fail to sustain the growth engine? The key to exceptional business is exceptional people and to build the business, you must build the people.

There are major challenges facing leaders today who seek to reshape their organizations. New problems require new models of leadership and this in turn means that leaders must constantly make adjustments to remain relevant and effective. Leaders need to have a raft of strategies to lead in an agile environment and remain authentic and true to their values. 

The organization that you are trying to reshape and influence is shaping and influencing you; understanding this dynamic will allow you to be a more effective leader. The implementation of tools and strategies, together with coaching, will enable you to develop a robust approach to leading others that will transform your team and your organization. Your story will develop over time, as you use leadership tools to shape the future you want and achieve the success you deserve. 

The role of the breakthrough leader is to create more leaders, not followers. A company with one powerful leader and a collection of sidekicks is limited regardless of the leader’s vision and talents. A breakthrough company needs people at every level who can lead in alignment with the company’s vision.

Creating leaders entails a certain amount of openness and self-assurance from the breakthrough leader. Someone who feels threatened by the growth of the people who work for him is likely to stunt that growth. What the breakthrough leader understands is that the organization’s overall success is a reflection of his leadership. A team that produces great results, growth and innovation shows that the head of that team is a superb leader.

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