“You are everywhere, but you don’t have to be. Strategy is a decision to take a path, to say no.” – Kristina Halvorson

inMMGroup is in the idea generating industry. As The Economist puts it, “… the curve is not particularly earth shattering [but] the strategic implications of the experience curve came closer to shattering earth.”

inMMGroup follows this blueprint when creating breakthrough ideas.

#1: Know where to look for breakthrough ideas

Being Coercive, Mimetic or Normative in an organization is a killer of fresh ideas. When there is interaction and engagement that is primarily with people from the same industry and walk of life, we all end up thinking the same way. To avoid this trap, inMMGroup turns to unconventional sources.

inMMGroup prides itself on creating “Eureka moments” by finding, testing and executing solutions for its clients that don’t have an easy nor obvious answer. The focus on business anomalies and phenomena has a much higher chance to challenge strategy fundamentals and therefore spark fresh thinking than more conventional approaches.

#2: Know how to extract fresh ideas

inMMGroup pursues ideas that matter for business by staying close to issues that are concerning to our clients. Not only does this keep research relevant, it also ensures access to data. While we know that our clients are doing something right, oftentimes they need help codifying their knowledge thus creating a replicable success formula which helps us reinvent our clients. At times they need help to codify their knowledge, creating a replicable success formula. This helps us reinvent our clients.

During the knowledge creation process, “thinking through writing” is critical; carefully, clearly and effectively express the idea.

#3: The right innovators in charge

Searches for ideas are everywhere! In order for an idea to gain traction, the innovators are equally as important as the idea itself.

Vendors, joint ventures, employees and interns must be individuals and organizations with a clear spike, curiosity, conceptual thinking skills, the ability to explain ideas, as well as the resilience and autonomy to develop ideas.

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