The Ways of Internet Marketing

Digital Marketing/Internet Marketing is the integrant of marketing that uses the internet and other online digital tools such as computers, laptops, smartphones, etc, and other digital media to promote goods and services for customers or business organizations. According to findings on Wikipedia


There are seven to eight (7-8) categories of Digital Marketing. Today we will be taking a closer look at three of these. We will closely examine each category and its effective usage in the modern trends of the Digital marketing era, how it has grown and is now being used to target customers who are interested in their services and product. Digital Marketing has blossomed into many different umbrellas, marketing personnel worked closely on doing research for their target market audience in seeing how the best method or medium of technology and communication reaches their clients, with a lot of hard work and research they have proven to articulate and maneuver many other leads of reaching potential and traditional customers in switching each newly added form of marketing tools. Here is a list / category of these Digital marketing tools.

Types of Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) …
  • Pay-per-Click (PPC) …
  • Social Media Marketing. …
  • Content Marketing. …
  • Email Marketing. …
  • Blogging and affiliate marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

With the SEO tool, one of its main features is to help provide a high ranking of search results for any business on the google website. This will increase its search engine thus creating new leads as well as prospective buyers. Based on research studies by the leading software company Moz

The SEO search marketers investigate the keywords and phrases that customers use in the search engine on google thus enabling them to be placed/ ranked higher in search results. A beneficial/successful tip in SEO today would be keywords and keywords targeted.

Ensure you are using the appropriate keyword that would allow your website to be found as well as selecting the correct keywords for your content and header.

Pay-per-Click (PPC)

Pay Per click as the name suggests for itself is the kind of medium where an ad that is clicked on is paid for in other words the advertiser pays the publisher once the ad is being clicked on. This is another marketing strategy for online marketers who use this forum as another method of gettings customers to your website by buying their visits without them even knowing. The difference with the PPC method is once the advertisers have reached their budget/ goal the ad is removed from the website, also the rate that advertisers pay per click has a formula that is used to set it. As defined by:

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing as defined by Investopedia:

The term social media marketing( SMM) refers to the use of social media and social networks to market a company’s products and services. It allows companies to engage with existing customers and reach new ones as they promote their culture, mission, or tone.

So in other words Social Media Marketing creates material for its multi-dynamic platforms as well as its users, that will help to promote sales, your business, create new leads/clients, etc. This method helps you in gaining your customer’s trust for them to be the marketers of your product as well by sharing and spreading the word to family and friends. Two skills behind social media marketing are Strategy- knowing the content to be used/ shared and channels to be used.

Listening and engagement-

When the customer provides reviews of a product and another customer sees this, it’s one of the best ways to initiate sales as well as promote the brand. With that being said this is an important game-changer for business operators of social media platforms always in the to know of what is being said from customers, users as well in monitoring what is being said about their products or posts.


Digital Marketing / Internet Marketing has transitioned periodically and has managed to revolutionize how marketing online is done. Catering to a group of diverse cultural practices and norms by the various medium of marketing strategies, no matter the platform there are many tailored tools to meet each targeted audience needs as well as promoting company’s brand, creating or following post content for their business, keeping up with what their followers or users of their products and services are saying. From shopping online to just receiving your product in the mail digital marketing up the game plan from making it convenient to shopping more comfortably in your own space, no rush hassle are hoarding.



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