diverse portfolio


Diversification and globalization are the keys to the future.

Fujio Mitarai

Marketing is not a “one size fits all”. A strategy that works seamlessly for one product, service, or industry might have the opposite intended effect within a different industry. This is why working with a marketing agency with a history of diverse industries adds value to your clients.

An agency with a diverse marketing portfolio provides several benefits that a single-focused marketing agency or consultant doesn’t, including more experience, more ideas, and overall – more value.

More Experience

When a marketing agency services multiple industries, products, and/or services, the professionals within that firm have more exposure. The added exposure results in more insight, knowledge, and ability to see opportunities in ways single-industry marketing service providers would not. This empowers multi-industry agencies to effectively identify, address, and solve issues in your organization’s current business strategies and increase performance and profitability for you. 

More Ideas 

A diverse marketing portfolio also lends itself to more creativity and idea generation. Marketing agencies with a diverse portfolio can utilize ideas from different industries and customize them to better serve your client’s needs. Because these marketing agencies are not tied to one specific industry, product, or service, they can provide a more well-rounded, open-minded, holistic approach to developing creative solutions for your marketing strategies.

More Value

More experience + more ideas = more value

Working with a marketing agency with a diverse portfolio will increase your client’s competitive advantage by providing them with innovative solutions and value creations from experts who know what works. 

According to a recent survey conducted by Marketing Charts, 88% of professionals were satisfied or extremely satisfied with their marketing agency’s ability to develop creative ideas. 74% of those respondents were also satisfied or extremely satisfied with their marketing agency’s ability to achieve real marketing results. Bottom line: a marketing agency with experience in multiple industries and a diverse marketing portfolio will provide you with the best value and results for your clients.

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