How to deal with external negative comments about your business?


In every business, employees are always encouraged to receive feedback from consumers. Communication is one of the strongest key factors of a firm, whether long-existing or a newly born entity. Employees are often guided in maintaining the satisfaction of services rendered to consumers. This allows the business owner to know how well they operate in providing services and commodities to the general public. Open feedback provides a form of suggestions, ranging from improvement for growth, poor customer services, unsatisfactory products, long hours of the waiting period. 

While receiving feedback isn’t always pleasant. Not all individuals are trained to handle this task with humility. 


Dealing With Different Types Of Criticism

Having a business you will be faced with as many good comments as you will criticism.  The important factor is how we deal with it in a professional manner. Most feedbacks are oftentimes proven to be valuable and generate positive changes for the better. And for those who aren’t open to this type of feedback, it can lead to serious consequences for both business and business owners.

Acceptance of Criticisms

Accepting both positive and negative criticisms is the best strategy. This knowledge projected the right way will enable growth and changes for the company, its employees, products/services, and even you as the owner.

Tolerance Level

There are many individuals with different tolerance levels to criticism. While having this skill, is a valuable asset in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Avoiding Negative Impacts

Never allow negative criticism, to make you feel defeated, uncertain, incapable. Constructive will build both yourself and your staff.

How to Accept Criticism

Practice Self-reflection- When there is negative criticism, and your reaction is very poor. Try and find out why it bothered you then look for the solution to what you could have done instead.

Accept vulnerability- In life many successful individuals have made a few mistakes, as business owners, and that provided an opportunity for them to learn from their blunder hence resulting in us learning that even errors lead to great opportunities.

Don’t take it Personal- Never allow yourself to be seen as the product are service of the business. Improvement of your work-life balance means that you have to release the idea that criticism of your company can be viewed as a personal attack.

Remove Defensive Mindset- Be open-minded for feedbacks often time we allow impulsive thinking to talk for us which, will present a blockage to us hearing and receiving suggestions in improving growth and development for our business.


Reviews, comments, and dialogue will occur from an individual’s experience with a company. This data will make you aware of the real issues. The best control is to take control. Be assertive and active in allowing yourself to strategize and re-strategize according to what may be needed to improve, and excel in your business.

Napoleon Hill once said “people refuse to take chances in business, because they fear the criticism which may follow if they fail. The fear of criticism, in such case, is stronger than the desire for success”

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