competitive advantage

An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Jack Welch

An organization’s biggest asset is its ability to turn knowledge into action. An organization that is constantly gaining knowledge from various sources and applying that knowledge to benefit their organization will always have a competitive advantage against other organizations in the industry who are not turning their knowledge into action.

Having knowledge and experience with the marketing standards for multiple industries can open new avenues of marketing for your organization. Bringing in new strategies that are unique to the industry is a guaranteed way to leave competition clueless and in the dust.

According to Business Blogs Hub, “being able to employ a variety of different marketing methods can help a business owner get the attention they are after.” This means more visibility, notoriety, and better business for you.

Multi-industry knowledge also enhances your organization’s competitive edge by providing a fresh perspective. Utilizing knowledge from other industries can help you discover and develop new marketing opportunities and strategies that you never knew existed. This will help your organization grow beyond the industry standard and lead the way in setting new trends.

Having the knowledge and expertise of multiple industries ultimately gives you new ways to interact with your target audience. You’ll stand out by showcasing your products and/or services in a way your audience is not used to seeing in your industry. If the approach works well, others will look to you as the trailblazer for that marketing strategy within the industry.

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