Message from Christopher D. Thomas, founder of inMMGroup

Best-Selling Author ALERT 🚨

Our client Demetris Curry did a thing! She will soon become a Best-Selling Author with her NEW book to release (Tuesday, Nov 15th) …

The title of the book is “Brighter Days Ahead”! It includes a journal component for self-reflection to allow the reader to fully immerse in a life-enhancing process.

“Brighter Days Ahead” addresses and explores solutions to common life challenges, such as overcoming self-doubt, trauma, low self-esteem, domestic violence, negative outside influences, and lack of self-confidence through a series of firsthand testimonials, advice, encouragement, and words of wisdom.

“Brighter Days Ahead” was designed to help others move in a forward direction by shifting the perception of what hard times are about and how those moments make us stronger and wiser.

Coincidentally, Demetris’ book “Brighter Days Ahead” released the exact day as former First Lady, Michelle Obama’s book “The Light We Carry” … 

So when you purchase Michelle Obama’s book, make sure you also pick up Demetris Curry’s book too … the journey in “Brighter Days Ahead” will compliment Michelle Obama’s book.

Thank you our entire inMMGroup’s marketing and branding team for the work they put into working on Demetris Curry’s NEW book. From the marketing strategy, cover design, photography, graphics, press/media, Domestic and International Branding, book store placement and so much more. You ROCK!

If you have not ordered your copy of “Brighter Days Ahead” … order your NOW! Click here: 👉🏾

Also, join the “Brighter Days Ahead” Book Club … Here 👉🏾

If you or someone you know is an author or ready to become an author, the inMMGroup team is ready to be the bridge to being a BEST Seller too! Contact us today!

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