inMMGroup Announces Collaboration with the National Forum For Black Public Administrators as an Exhibitor and Media Sponsor for the 2024 FORUM

Baltimore, MD – February 13, 2024 – inMMGroup, a leading marketing, branding, and public relations agency, along with its acclaimed digital platform, inCity Magazine, is proud to announce its participation as an exhibitor and media sponsor for the highly anticipated 2024 FORUM hosted by the National Forum For Black Public Administrators (NFBPA). This year marks a significant milestone as the NFBPA celebrates 40 years of dedication to supporting the professional development of African-Americans in public service. The event is set to convene approximately 1,500 public professionals in Baltimore, MD, fostering an environment of learning, networking, and innovation.

Christopher D. Thomas, the visionary founder of inMMGroup, expresses his enthusiasm for this landmark partnership, “Our collaboration with the NFBPA for the 2024 FORUM is not just an opportunity; it’s a shared mission to empower and uplift. We are thrilled to bring our expertise in marketing and branding to an event that stands at the confluence of public service excellence and community development. This is a win-win collaboration that promises to enhance the FORUM’s reach and impact, making it an unforgettable experience for all attendees.”

The 2024 FORUM is an event that resonates with inMMGroup’s core values of innovation, collaboration, and service. By joining forces with the NFBPA, inMMGroup aims to deliver unparalleled marketing and branding insights that will benefit public sector professionals and administrators. This collaboration is an embodiment of inMMGroup’s commitment to fostering growth and excellence in public administration.

Thomas adds, “We look forward to leveraging our platforms to highlight the successes and stories that define the spirit of the 2024 FORUM. It’s our goal to not only amplify the voices of African-American public administrators but also to contribute to a narrative of positive change and progression in public service. By doing so, we believe we are helping to shape a future that values diversity, equity, and humanity at its core.”

The partnership between inMMGroup and the NFBPA underscores a mutual dedication to advancing the field of public administration through professional development, networking, and the sharing of best practices. As the 2024 FORUM approaches, inMMGroup and inCity Magazine are set to play pivotal roles in enriching the experience for participants and furthering the mission of the NFBPA.

For more information about the National Forum For Black Public Administrators and to register for the 2024 FORUM, please visit NFBPA’s official website and the FORUM registration page.

About inMMGroup inMMGroup is a dynamic marketing, branding, and public relations agency committed to delivering innovative solutions for its clients. With a focus on creating impactful narratives and fostering growth, inMMGroup has established itself as a leader in elevating brands and organizations to their full potential.

About the National Forum For Black Public Administrators (NFBPA) The NFBPA is an esteemed organization committed to advancing the leadership and professional development of African-American public administrators. Through its programs, services, and events, the NFBPA serves as a pivotal resource for public servants committed to excellence and community service.

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