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Here’s a little about our agency, that you may not know:

inMMGroup’s Mission

“Create marketing solutions to re+inVent the way the world views and interacts with our client’s brands”

inMMGroup Description

inMMGroup (the re+inVent company) is an agency that prioritizes trustworthiness and serves humanity; additionally we value transparency, integrity, and social responsibility in our practices. By putting the needs of our clients and the greater good of society above our own profits, we strive to create marketing campaigns that are ethical, honest, and have a positive impact on the world. We view our role not just as marketers, but as stewards of the public trust, and work hard to build and maintain a reputation for reliability and dependability.

inCity Magazine’s CORE Values – INCITY Acronym 

  • I: Inclusion – emphasizing the value of diversity and recognizing that everyone has a place in the community
  • N: Nurturing – fostering a sense of care and support for one another within the community
  • C: Collaboration – working together to achieve common goals and promoting a sense of teamwork and cooperation
  • I: Integrity – acting with honesty, transparency, and ethical principles, which builds trust among community members
  • T: Trust – building and maintaining trust among members of the community and promoting a culture of trustworthiness
  • Y: Yielding – being open-minded and receptive to different perspectives, which encourages diversity of thought and promotes understanding and respect.

Together, these values create a strong foundation for a healthy and thriving community, where people feel valued and respected, are committed to supporting one another and empowered to make a positive difference.

Our inspiration is you. Everything we do is for you. We think each week about ideas that you will find valuable. We work nights, weekends (and even on holidays and vacations) to find compelling ideas and then make them interesting and accessible. If our content have been meaningful to you, if they have been a source of comfort and insight, please support us. If you find our work valuable, but are not in a position to support us, please know it makes us happy to know we have been helpful to you. Drop us a note or tell a friend why you love us — and Thank You 🙏🏾.

Please note: Because inMMGroup / inCity Magazine is not a tax exempt 501(c)(3), your donation is not tax deductible.

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