inCity Magazine Announces Adoption of INCITY Acronym as New Core Values on World Thinking Day

New York, NY – inCity Magazine, a brand under the marketing agency inMMGroup, today announced the adoption of the INCITY acronym as its new core values. This decision was made to reflect the company’s commitment to fostering a culture of trust, loyalty, community, diversity, and respect, and to better serve its customers in an increasingly competitive and dynamic marketplace. The announcement was made on World Thinking Day, a global event that celebrates the power of collective thinking and innovation.

“We’re thrilled to adopt the INCITY acronym as our new core values,” said Christopher D. Thomas, founder of inCity Magazine. “Our mission has always been to create a brand that inspires and connects people, and we believe that the INCITY values perfectly embody that spirit. By embracing trust, loyalty, community, diversity, and respect, we can create a brand that not only drives business success but also contributes to social responsibility and positive impact in our community.”

The INCITY acronym stands for Inclusion, Nurturing, Collaboration, Integrity, Trust, and Yielding – values that are critical to the success of any modern business. According to a recent survey, over 70% of customers consider a company’s values when deciding whether to do business with them, and over 80% of employees say that having a strong set of values makes them more engaged and motivated at work.

“Adopting the INCITY acronym is not just a smart business decision, it’s also the right thing to do,” added Thomas. “We believe that by embracing these values, we can create a culture that empowers our team, builds lasting relationships with our customers, and contributes to positive change in our community.”

inCity Magazine is committed to upholding the INCITY values in all its daily practices, from editorial content to customer service to business operations. The company will also be launching a new marketing campaign to promote the adoption of the INCITY values among its customers and partners.

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