(August 23, 2023) – Christopher D. Thomas, the visionary founder of inMMGroup (the re+inVent company), has been honored with acceptance into ForbesBLK, a prestigious global community that stands as a beacon for Black entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders, and creators.

ForbesBLK’s mission is to foster a network of exceptional leaders of color who are pushing the boundaries, creating equitable economies, and driving a new culture of connection, collaboration, and change. Christopher’s selection comes as a testament to his remarkable contributions to marketing and his alignment with these values.

inMMGroup is renowned for its commitment to creating marketing solutions that reinvent how the world views and interacts with brands. With a strong emphasis on trustworthiness, transparency, integrity, and social responsibility, the company has established itself as a steward of the public trust, working to build a reputation for reliability and dependability.

Christopher D. Thomas states, “I’m both honored and excited to be a part of the ForbesBLK community. The alignment between their mission and the core values of inMMGroup is a powerful symbol of our shared commitment to progress. Together, we aim to champion change in business, culture, and society, striving for a world where integrity and overall responsibility are at the forefront of every endeavor.”

By joining ForbesBLK, Christopher amplifies his voice and continues to embody the innovative spirit that has defined his career. His membership in this esteemed community marks a significant milestone and reflects his ongoing dedication to driving systemic change, not just in business but across culture and society.

The future is bright for both Christopher D. Thomas and the inMMGroup, as they continue to redefine marketing and contribute to a global community that embodies their ideals.

About inMMGroup (the re+inVent company)

inMMGroup (the re+inVent company) is a marketing agency that prioritizes trustworthiness and serves humanity. They value transparency, integrity, and social responsibility in their practices, striving to create marketing campaigns that are ethical, honest, and have a positive impact on the world.