5 Tips to boost creativity in your business


What is the pursuit of innovative ideas? How do we apply this to any business? 

As our world evolves, so do our creative ideas and strategies. Every successful business has one thing in common, they must remain competitive. It takes work to build, encourage and maximize your worker’s creative potential. It can be done by pulling inspiration and visualizing a solution to remain current and relevant. 

The balance small business speaks to a state of mind awareness, and they are on point. Although there is no right or wrong way, there is a path to take.  For me, creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and expressing your own narrative your way. 

Here are five (5) tips to boost creativity in your business.

Tip #1

Team Brainstorming

My number one tip is making time for new ideas. As a business, it is essential to set aside time to discuss different approaches that will complement your business model. Connect with your team by way of regular brainstorming meetings, workshops, or outings. Reflect on each individual’s work and be open-minded to adapt and listen. Listen to both your team members and your customers, especially the ones with a past issue. This is the perfect way to brainstorm and come up with effective resolutions to problems.

Tip #2

Staff Training

A big mistake some businesses make is not investing enough time, money, or energy to keep their staff up to date with new technology and procedures. Consider staying ahead of your competitor by training your staff in new innovative techniques. Be open to new ideas and keep your staff abreast of new creative problem-solving.

Tip #3

Reward Creativity

Motivation goes a million miles. Ensure that you find ways to reward your staff and team members when they come up with winning creative ideas and strategies by actively rewarding their effort. This can be done in way of awards or merit.


Action Plan

As the business environment evolves and sees new innovations and technology. Be ready to act on new suggested strategies that will benefit your business. Do not be guilty of jotting all these great ideas on paper and never taking action

Tip #5

Outsource and Collaborate

Sometimes outsourcing is just getting a fresh pair of eyes on a project and collaborating is the best way to expand on a new perspective that otherwise you may have not thought of. Working as a team will definitely unlock creativity and a sense of comradery within your company.


Martech reports that sixty percent (60%) of CEOs consider creativity to be the single most important quality in a leader, yet only twenty-five percent (25%) of workers feel they are living up to their creative potential. This shows a huge gap and proves that more needs to be done to encourage adaptive practices and creative ways of thinking.

If you want to boost creativity in your business, encourage your employees, listen to their creative calling so much so that their focus will lie where they specialize, and reward them for winning creative strategies.

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