“Marketing strategy will impact every piece of your business, and it should be tied to every piece of your business.” – Brandon Andersen

Marketing has changed dramatically over the years, as technology has continually evolved. Some marketing professionals appear to be relying on many of the tools and strategies they have employed over the years while technology is continuously reshaping the tools that we use to build new digital products and services that target and release hidden demand and serve important needs; an interruption that is happening swiftly. 

Businesses that use use AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be able to forecast demographic compatibility, track consumer movement, foresee purchases, and offer excellent customer service. Sales will rely on data and insights more than ever before and to overcome these challenges, AI provides analytic systems that explore existing customer graphs to identify new customers. Additonally, AI provides data that ranks and clusters existing customers according to interests; as well as acquires reports regarding activity impact, identifies profitable product areas and captures new and trending product concepts.

The Global situation is currently characterized by the facts that times are tough, investment appetites are low, industries are cutting costs, and budgets are being slashed. Fully aware of this situation, inMMGroup has identified that the TOP marketing challenges are: 1) navigating rising costs, supply chain challenges, and price pressures, 2) new customer acquisition tactics across ever-changing touchpoints, 3) strategies to grow customers’ lifetime value and improve retention and 4) improve marketing value for internal stakeholders.

inMMGroup is proactively focused on establishing relationships with multiple digital contents, companies, government institutions, regional government offices, NGOs and individual customers, as we continue to pivot ourselves for the increased growth of our clients.

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